Small-To-Midsize Church Forum, Ashland, VA

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Round Table Conversation on June 25, 11AM-1PM

Smaller churches have their unique satisfactions and their special
challenges. Join us and discover the differences between “tree-climbing” and “swimming” pastors and enjoy the genius of the most common size

Presenters and thought leaders:

Jonathan Davis — doctorate from Logsdon Seminary in small church
dynamics, pastor at Beale Memorial Baptist Church in Tappahannock,
frequent writer on issues related to smaller churches and their cultures

Kevin James — 30-year pastor at Salem Baptist Church in Hermon
Association with extensive community and volunteer involvement, long-time missions’ leader for the Virginia Baptist family

Chuck Warnock — 15-year pastor at Chatham Baptist Church in Virginia’s Southside, doctorate from Fuller, Minister-in-Residence for Small Churches, contributing editor for Outreach magazine, blogger, writer

Call Dover Baptist Association at 804.550.1980 to reserve a light lunch for and a seat at this
important conversation.

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