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  • by Liza Gross, Inside Climate News
    Yet as record-breaking heat waves become more common in a warming world, they pose a longer term threat to human well-being. Excessive heat interferes with pollinator interactions with plants that produce about a third of the world’s food crops. Scientists are scrambling to understand the complex ways spiking temperatures are disrupting those relationships. Extreme heat can have […]
  • by Lisa Held
    An excerpt of this article originally appeared in The Deep Dish, our members-only email newsletter. Become a member today to get the next issue in your inbox. It’s no wonder why: As child hunger rose at alarming rates in 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued waivers to allow schools to distribute all meals free […]
  • by Lisa Held
    In 2018, the passage of one of those laws—California’s Proposition 12—pushed the issue into its most significant battle to date: On October 11, it will be challenged in front of the Supreme Court, in National Pork Producers Council v. Ross. Segments of the pork industry and the American Farm Bureau Federation have fought this particular […]
  • by Twilight Greenaway
    “People around me had been talking about it for years, but it didn’t exist in book form,” recalls Skinner, who has a doctorate in Library and Information Studies and has worked as a chef, food historian, fermentation teacher, consultant, and event planner, among other things. This month, her book, Our Fermented Lives: A Story of […]
  • by Nancy Matsumoto
    This story and video are a co-production of Civil Eats and Edible Communities.  Noriko Kamei, her husband, Jake Myrick, and their daughter Olivia Kamei Myrick, 26, make sake together by hand in the first New World brewery to produce a second-generation heir. Kamei and Myrick share head brewer duties, and Kamei Myrick has already produced […]