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  • by The Civil Eats Editors
    Yet in the face of these enormous problems, many individuals are working toward solutions—and realizing success. As Civil Eats takes its annual summer hiatus this week, we leave you with a collection of recent stories that shine a light on efforts to fight climate change, build food sovereignty and resilience, support food workers and farmworkers, […]
  • by Stephanie Wood, The Narwhal
    Klassen doesn’t see those things today when she looks around her farm in southern Manitoba, two hours southwest of Winnipeg. Wetlands in the area have been drained and trees have been chopped down to maximize room for crops, she said. Some of her goals for her farm include restoring a creek and reintroducing native shrubs […]
  • by Max Graham, High Country News
    Calypso reminded Burk, 38, who is Denaakk’e and Lower Tanana Athabascan from the villages of Nenana and Manley Hot Springs, of her family’s traditional fish camp in the Alaskan Interior, where she spent childhood summers. “I just felt like I was home,” Burk said. “(Calypso) really spoke to my heart.” When Burk was still young, […]
  • by Greta Moran
    While advocacy groups have long gathered evidence about to the ways the world’s largest food companies spend money influencing politics, back powerful trade groups, and fund research that makes it into mainstream discussions about food, just how much influence they really have in shaping food policy is notoriously hard to pinpoint, partially due to lax […]
  • by Virginia Gewin
    Ellis’s land, pieced together over a number of years, had several previous owners. One native pasture was severely overgrazed. “Another pasture is currently in the ICU being restored to native grasses,” she says. However, in May, Ellis documented 20 different plant species in one square meter of a recovered native pasture on the ranch. And […]