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  • by Seth Bodine and Katie Peikes, Harvest Public Media
    This story is part of Big Ag U, a series by Harvest Public Media and Investigate Midwest on corporate influence at public universities across the Midwest. Harvest Public Media reports on food systems, agriculture, and rural issues through a collaborative network of NPR-stations throughout the Midwest and Plains. Investigate Midwest is an independent, nonprofit newsroom […]
  • by Nancy Matsumoto
    He introduces himself and the traditional African way of community harvest to the group: “Getting to know each other, meeting, and chatting—as long as we’re together, it’s a good thing, it’s the number one thing in life,” he says. “We cook, we dance, we eat together as family. Family is community . . . that […]
  • by Matthew Wheeland
    Editor’s note: A version of this interview appeared in The Deep Dish, our members-only monthly newsletter. Become a member today to get early and exclusive access to our in-depth reporting on food and the environment. The Story of Plastic is an Emmy Award-winning documentary first released in 2019 and currently streaming online through the Discovery […]
  • by Greta Moran
    Farmers know first-hand how climate disasters, pollinator loss, heat waves, flash floods, and diminishing water supplies can make growing crops harder and less predictable. Yet many questions remain when it comes to how exactly crops are responding across cultivars and varying landscapes. A new review paper, published in Advances in Nutrition, draws together the existing […]
  • by Lisa Held
    They are also an excellent source of protein, and on average, a serving results in about one-tenth of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to a serving of beef. The legumes use water efficiently and leave nitrogen in the soil for the next crop, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizer. The United Nations even declared 2016 […]