What’s Trending – Mobilegeddon is HERE!


If your church’s or ministry’s page is not mobile friendly then (starting yesterday)Google will automatically push your site down in search results.

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Reflections on Convergence…and Why I’m Still Excited

Marco Island

The world is in desperate need of God’s love, in desperate need of more just and holy narratives, and in desperate need of people of faith leading the way. This is what Convergence is all about.

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Emerging Trend #5: The Multi-Church Movement

multi-church movement

We are stronger when we partner together than when we struggle alone. How might a multi-church approach to ministry meet the needs of your rural community?

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Confronting the Myth that Small Towns Never Change

myths about small towns

Last week kicked off a series called What’s Trending, to which there was an overwhelming response. Today I begin another series which will run along with What’s Trending called Small Town Myths. Myth #1: Small Towns Never Change. In fact, its one of the biggest lies your church may be buying …

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